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Piggyback Flammable Storage Cabinets

Expand storage and safely segregate liquids.  

Justrite’s Piggyback Cabinets provide additional safe storage for flammables without taking up valuable floor space.  Designed to mount on top of Justrite’s standard 30- and 45-gallon manual or self-closing cabinets, they can also be used singly as a benchtop cabinet or stacked to provide additional storage.  Piggyback cabinets also lend themselves to wall mounting with the purchase of a wall hanger assembly.  (Note:  Piggyback units are not to be used with sliding door cabinets.)

Number of Doors and Style Capacity
Ext. Dimensions
H x W x D
 Model Number
2 door, manual, piggyback 12 18" x 43" x 18" 0 FM, N, O J891300
2 door, self-close, piggyback 12 18" x 43" x 18" 0 FM, N, O, U J891320
2 door, manual, piggyback 17 24" x 43" x 18" 1 FM, N, O J891700
2 door, self-close, piggyback 17 24" x 43"" x 18" 1 FM, N, O, U J891720
Additional shelf for 17 gallon piggyback cabinets - 39 ¼" x 14" - - J29937
FM - Factory Mutual tested and approved UL - Underwriters Laboratories listed N - Designed in accordance with National Fire Protection (NFPA) Code 30 regulations O - Complies with OSHA regulations U - Complies with Uniform Fire Code
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